Routes, Towns, & Roadhouses

This is the overview of roadhouses and their locations. Still compiling.

NOTE: To aid in locating the roadhouses, the major towns or villages along the routes are in all capital letters. Roadhouses will be linked to their individual descriptions as those are completed, which will take some time.

• Alaska Highway – Seaton Roadhouse, NORTHWAY, Beaver Creek Roadhouse, TOK, DELTA JUNCTION, Sullivan Roadhouse, Rika’s Roadhouse, BIG DELTA, Shaw Creek Roadhouse, McCarty Roadhouse, Richardson Roadhouse, Tenderfoot Roadhouse, SALCHA, Piledriver/Thirtymile Roadhouse, Byler’s Roadhouse, NORTH POLE, FAIRBANKS

• Chilkoot Trail –

• Copper River Highway –

• Dalton Trail –

• Dalton Highway – Casey Roadhouse, Globe Roadhouse, Tatalina/Lankey Roadhouse, LIVENGOOD, Sixty-one Mile Roadhouse, Wright’s Roadhouse, COLDFOOT, WISEMAN, Snowshoe Roadhouse, DEADHORSE

• Denali Highway – PAXSON, Paxson Lodge, MacLaren Lodge, Gracious House, CANTWELL

• Edgerton Highway – KENNY LAKE, CHITINA, MCCARTHY, McCarthy Roadhouse, Big Delta Roadhouse, KENNICOTT, Horsfeld Roadhouse,

• Elliot Highway – FOX, Casey Roadhouse, Globe Roadhouse, LIVENGOOD, MINTO, Minto Roadhouse, Buckholtz Roadhouse, MANLEY HOT SPRINGS, Manley Roadhouse

• Glacier Highway –

• Glenn Highway – TOK, Log Cabin Roadhouse, Mentasta Roadhouse, Devils Mountain Lodge Roadhouse, SLANA, Horsfeld Roadhouse, Chistochina Roadhouse, Sinona Creek Roadhouse, Gakona Lodge, Gulkana Lodge, GLENNALLEN, Mendeltna Lodge, Tazlina Lodge, Atlasta House, Gunsight Mountain Lodge, Eureka Lodge, Sheep Mountain Lodge, Long Rifle Lodge, King Mountain Lodge, SUTTON, PALMER, Cottonwood Roadhouse, Old Knik Roadhouse, Brown’s Roadhouse, Moosehorn Lodge, EAGLE RIVER, ANCHORAGE

• Haines Highway – HAINES, 33 Mile Roadhouse, Dalton Cache

• Iditarod Trail – SEWARD, Parent Roadhouse, Johnson Roadhouse, Nellie Neal’s Roadhouse, Grandview Roadhouse, White’s Roadhouse, Griset’s Roadhouse, Girdwood Roadhouse, Crow Creek Roadhouse, Bird Creek Roadhouse, ANCHORAGE, W.D. Elliot’s Roadhouse, Brown’s Roadhouse, Cottonwood Roadhouse, KNIK, Knik Roadhouse, Little Susitna Roadhouse, Susitna Roadhouse, Alexander Roadhouse, Lakeview Roadhouse, Old Skwentna Roadhouse, Mountain Climber’s Roadhouse, Happy River Roadhouse, Pass Creek Roadhouse, Rainy Pass Lodge, Dalzell Roadhouse, Rohn Roadhouse, Pioneer Roadhouse, Morgan’s Roadhouse, Peluk Roadhouse, Bear Creek Roadhouse, Salmon River Roadhouse, Salmon Creek Roadhouse, Big River Roadhouse, Tacotna Roadhouse, Ophir Roadhouse, Boxcar Roadhouse, IDITAROD, Schermier’s Halfway Roadhouse, Fritz’s Roadhouse, Yankee Creek Roadhouse, RUBY, Summit Roadhouse, Ruby Creek Roadhouse, Hub Roadhouse, Tenmile Roadhouse, Fisher Roadhouse, Olsons/Tolstoy Roadhouse, Cooper’s Roadhouse, Madison Creek Roadhouse, Detna Roadhouse, UNALAKLEET, Iquik Roadhouse, Foothills Roadhouse, Shaktoolik Roadhouse, Bonanza Roadhouse, Isaac’s Roadhouse, Moses Roadhouse, Walla Walla Roadhouse, Twenty-two Mile Roadhouse, Tenmile Roadhouse, Koyuk/Big Sam’s Roadhouse, Portage Roadhouse, Topkok Roadhouse, Solomon Roadhouse, Safety Roadhouse, Cape Nome Roadhouse, NOME, Sinuk Roadhouse

• Mitkoff Highway –

• Parks Highway – ANCHORAGE, EAGLE RIVER, Cottonwood Roadhouse, WASILLA, WILLOW, Pioneer Roadhouse, Talkeetna Roadhouse, Devault Roadhouse, Trapper Creek, Forks Roadhouse, Mary’s McKinley View Lodge, CANTWELL, DENALI PARK, KANTISHNA, HEALEY, NENANA, FAIRBANKS

• Richardson Trail/Highway – VALDEZ, McIntosh Roadhouse, Wortmann’s Roadhouse, Eureka Roadhouse, Tacoma Roadhouse, Kendall Cache Roadhouse, Comfort Roadhouse, Lower Tonsina Roadhouse, Tonsina River Lodge, Ptarmigan Drop Roadhouse, Tsaina Roadhoue, Tiekel Roadhouse, GLENNALLEN, Gakona Lodge, Haggard Creek Roadhouse, Sourdough Roadhouse, Meiers Lake Roadhouse, Paxson’s Road House, Black Rapids Roadhouse, Sullivan Roadhouse, DELTA JUNCTION, Rika’s Roadhouse, BIG DELTA, Shaw Creek Roadhouse, McCarty Roadhouse, Overland Roadhouse/Silver Fox Roadhouse, Richardson Roadhouse, Tenderfoot Roadhouse, SALCHA, Piledriver/Thirtymile Roadhouse, Byler’s Roadhouse, Donnellys Roadhouse, Johnsons Roadhouse, Whites Roadhouse, FAIRBANKS

• Seward Highway – SEWARD, Lakeside Roadhouse, Nellie Neal’s Roadhouse, Grandview Roadhouse, Johnson’s Roadhouse, Summit Lake Lodge, White’s Roadhouse, Griset’s Roadhouse, Crow Creek Roadhouse, Bird Creek Roadhouse, HOPE, SUNRISE, PORTAGE, WHITTIER, GIRDWOOD, Girdwood Roadhouse, INDIAN, Indianhouse Roadhouse, Raven Creek/Duke’s Roadhouse, W.D. Elliot’s Roadhouse, ANCHORAGE

• Seward Peninsula – Munsons Roadhouse, Elim Mission Roadhouse, Mary’s Igloo Roadhouse, Moses Roadhouse, Portage Roadhouse, Ruby Roadhouse, Scovitchs Roadhouse, Topkok Roadhouse, Walla Walla Roadhouse

• Stampede Trail –

• Steese Highway – FAIRBANKS, Pedro Roadhouse, Summit Roadhouse, Chatanika Lodge, Faith Creek Roadhouse, Porcupine House, Mammoth Junction Roadhouse/Miller House, CENTRAL, Central Roadhouse, Fourteenmile House, 12-Mile Roadhouse, Hog’em Junction Roadhouse, Circle Hot Springs Lodge, Jumpoff Roadhouse, Ferry Roadhouse, CIRCLE

• Sterling Highway – COOPER LANDING, Russian River Roadhouse, STERLING, KENAI, SOLDOTNA, HOMER

• Southeastern –

• Taylor Highway – TETLIN, CHICKEN, Steele Creek Roadhouse, South Fork Lodge, EAGLE, Millers Roadhouse, Woodchopper Roadhouse, Boundary Roadhouse

• Tongass Highway –

• Valdez-Eagle Trail – See Richardson and Taylor Highways

• Valdez-Fairbanks Trail – See Richardson and Alaska Highways


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