Anderson’s Roadhouse ~ Rainy Pass

Black Rapids Roadhouse ~ Richardson Highway

Blix Roadhouse ~ Copper Center

Cape Nome Roadhouse ~ Seward Peninsula

Deadhorse Roadhouse ~ Mile 248, Alaska Railroad

Deering Roadhouse ~ Seward Peninsula

Grandview Roadhouse ~ Mile 45, Alaska Railroad

Haly’s Roadhouse ~ Fort Yukon

Kantishna Roadhouse ~ Denali Park

Pioneer Roadhouse ~ Knik

Rika’s Landing Roadhouse ~ Delta Junction

Sizeland’s Roadhouse ~ Nenana

Slana Roadhouse ~ Slana

Talkeetna Roadhouse ~ Talkeetna

Tonsina Roadhouse ~ Richardson Highway

Woodchopper Roadhouse ~ Circle Mining District

Yost’s Roadhouse ~ Richardson Highway

2 thoughts on “Roadhouses

  1. Coleen Mielke

    Your web page describes Frank Cannon’s PIONEER ROADHOUSE in Knik as the same as the Pioneer Roadhouse/Farewell Mt. Roadhouse in Rainy Pass. That isn’t correct. The pictures you show of Frank Cannon’s PIONEER ROADHOUSE in Knik was started by A.J. Duffy about 1908, but Duffy died in 1910 and Cannon bought the rough structure and finished and expanded it into the PIONEER ROADHOUSE in 1912 (always in Knik) (info source Herning Diaries transcribed by Coleen Mielke)

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